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Recording Journal, Vol 4: “No Schedule for, well, ‘No Schedule'”

Not much new to report on the music front. But since I promised myself only a week ago that I’d keep up a regular look into the proceedings, I suppose I’ll tell you why there’s nothing new musically.

This past week was typical of how time seems to accelerate when we most want it to slow down. I actually visited the studio twice in the last seven days, but each time it was to voice a radio commercial for Delaware Speedway, which I also had to find the time to write and then send out to the stations with which we’re working. The first crack at it came Tuesday, but we never got it finished due to me battling a flu and not having much of a voice which, something that was irritating all week but never managed to take the train completely off the tracks. We got the commercial done on the second studio visit, on Friday and spend and aggregate time of, perhaps, sixty minutes in the studio over both visits. I brought my guitar once and never took it out of the case.

This was also a week that saw me doing double duty on the air, as I got tapped to help out as a guest talk show host of “London In the Afternoon” on News Talk 1290 CJBK on Thursday and Friday while continuing to fill in on the midday shift on BX 93 (92.7 FM) every weekday. The talk show stuff, while enjoyable, takes it out of me because I have to do a lot of late-night studying to get up-to-date on so much pop culture and sports-related stuff that I normally, quite frankly, don’t follow or care much about. But I always learn something new when I go through that process so that alone makes it worthwhile. I got through it, but it’s tiring to finish up a show on one radio station, pack up your stuff, walk into another studio and go on the air on another radio station. It can mix up your brain, especially when you’re not all that bright to begin with.

All of this is in addition to my “real” job with CPT Entertainment, which has us running in several different directions as we finish post production on two video projects; prepare for two upcoming trade shows; manage marketing campaigns with over a dozen media outlets; sell, activate and maintain sponsorship and advertising for various pursuits; and prepare and attend other adjacent promotional events, which included a Wednesday night charity barbecue that I attended this week.

It all added up to nothing new for the “No Schedule Man” music project for this week. But, looking back, I can’t feel too bad about that. After all, I just came inside from cutting the grass here at home. At least I didn’t sit around all week watching it grow.

Plus, I noticed it was a nice shade of green. I didn’t even bother looking on the other side of the fence.

By the way, an early Happy Birthday to Canada (July 1st). I am extremely grateful to live where I do and I sincerely hope that, wherever you are, you feel the same way.

– Kevin

Recording Journals Vol. 1 – 3: N/A?

If you’ve actually read back this far and are curious to see how this all began, I apologize. The first three journal entries may be lost forever.

One can only hope the universe will not collapse upon itself as a result.

Although these entries appear chronologically on this site, they were in fact all added here (and subsequently back-dated) in July of 2013. The original articles were posted on MySpace (remember that? I believe the Flintstones and the Rubbles used it to connect). You’d think I’d have copies of them on a hard drive somewhere (and I’d agree with you), but I’ve yet to locate them. And since MySpace has since changed its content / layout, rendering all those blogs now inaccessible, it may be that those first three journals are gone for good.

Unless you have a time-traveling DeLorean.

Which would be really cool.

I’ll keep looking for them. But for now, I’ll just say thanks for reading this, and anything else related to this site and the making of the “No Schedule Man” CD. It was quite an experience.

All the best,


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