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A Message For Your Mirror?

Want life to change? Expect better results? Hope to feel healthier? No sense beating yourself up. But a dose of honest self-awareness won’t hurt.

Stop pointing fingers and start digging in.

03-08-15 - Drag Your heels

Consider Choosing Hope

Some of us were a lot more tenacious as children. We’d dream up something that we wanted, or aspired to be, and then, largely driven by our imaginations, we’d go after it. We didn’t pay nearly as much attention to perceived initial obstacles. We just knew what we wanted and would start moving forward.

Along the way, we seem to acquire the ability of doubting ourselves even before we start. We learn to think, “this will never work because,” or “responsible people don’t do that because” or any number of excuses that paralyze us into inaction. But those are just someone else’s ideas that we’ve accepted and agreed to along the way.

What do you really want? And when you think of it, honestly, what’s the first thought that pops into your mind as to whether or not it’s possible? Is it a solution, a new path, or an obstacle and another excuse not to try?

What would the child-like version of you have done with the idea? Give it some thought, at least for a little while …

03-08-15 - Choose a hope



No Schedule Man Podcast: Episode 6 – Lisa Brandt (Radio Host/News Anchor, Author, Voice Talent)

I’ve been very fortunate to work with some truly interesting and talented people over the years. One of them is Lisa Brandt, my guest in the latest episode of the No Schedule Man Podcast.

Currently the voice behind the news and co-anchor of News Talk 1290 CJBK’s morning show here in London, Ontario, Lisa also maintains the creative daily discipline of blogging each weekday, contributing a feature column to a National newspaper when asked, and serving as voice talent for the productions of many well-recognized companies. Lisa has written and made available four books, including “The Naked Truth,” a real-life look inside the summer she spent working at a nudist resort in her teenage years.

2016-04-15 09.31.30

In this discussion, Lisa takes us behind the scenes and inside the minds of a broadcast media newsroom. She describes some of her career adventures which took her from the overnight show host at a country music station in Red Deer, Alberta, to co-News Anchor at 680 News in Toronto, the largest market in the country. Lisa also recalls giving up her spot in Toronto to come to London, and the many ups and downs that followed, including a terrifying health battle with what turned out to be sepsis, an experience she documented and shared in her book, “My Sepsis Story.”

Lisa and I have been pals for many years and I have always held her in very high esteem. But after listening back to this podcast, I realized just how much I’d never really asked her about. I was fascinated to hear her stories on a variety of subjects and life experiences.

I also think that her answer to me asking, “What have you learned about yourself?” near the end of the discussion should be required listening for us all. Go have a listen and let me know if you agree.

The podcast is now available for streaming, download and subscription on iTunes, as well as on our YouTube channel or SoundCloud page.

Follow the Light

The analogies are endless, like driving through the darkness: with your headlights on, you can only see the next little bit in front of you, but that’s enough to allow you to keep moving forward.

Wherever even the smallest of shadows are cast, there must be light somewhere. If you can see it, it can see you.

Keep going. The waves will calm eventually.

02-27-15 - Lighthouse

Love. Always.

Fear is firm but love is stronger.

One day, we’ll get it through our minds that love is a better way. Always. In all ways.

02-24-15 - Heart Kept Warm

No Schedule Man Podcast: Episode 5 – Jay Doerr

I never expected to end up working at race track, let alone manage one.

I just wanted to be a radio announcer. And I was. Early in my radio career, I somehow got involved in hosting a radio show about auto racing. Next thing I knew, I had been hired as an announcer at one of the tracks we covered on that show, a place called Delaware Speedway. And only a few short years after that, I found myself leaving my chosen profession and role as morning show radio host at CHOK Radio in Sarnia to become the Sales & Marketing Director at the race track.

Just over three years after that, I was General Manager of the place. It was a role I never aspired to and still have mixed feelings about. But I can tell you this: our team worked our asses off during that time and did the absolute best we could. We won some, lost some and learned and experienced more within a couple years than I think I could have in a decade at any school.

Jay Doerr, my son Eddie, and me with the "Cash Car" we discuss in the podcast. This was probably 2003 or 2004.

Jay Doerr, my son Eddie, and me with the “Cash Car” we discuss in the podcast. This was probably 2003 or 2004.

Jay Doerr was just starting out his Delaware Speedway racing career right around the time I began as an announcer. As the years went on, my career progressed and so did Jay’s racing efforts. We gradually got to know each other,  just as I also became more familiar with dozens and dozens of other drivers and teams. So when I got put into the General Manager’s role, I suppose I had already formed some strong friendships with many of the race crews, and I felt a tremendous responsibility in not wanting to let them down.

I have deliberately not thought or talked much about Delaware Speedway over the last many years. But that’s starting to change, and having the chance to enjoy this discussion with Jay, a 3-time series champion and long-time top Ontario competitor, was a real treat for me. I don’t want to put words in his mouth, but I think it would be safe to say that Jay and I always have had mutual respect for each other and I think that comes across in our conversation.

I hope some of the many people I got to know in that time enjoy hearing some of these stories. I’ve no doubt there are many, many more to come.

The podcast is now available for streaming, download and subscription on iTunes, as well as on our YouTube channel or SoundCloud page.

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