How To Improve Your State of Mind

In a word full of noise, have you ever stopped to wonder how to improve your state of mind?

Think of it this way: If you constantly feed your body with junk, it will reward you by feeling sluggish and sickly. Your problems pile up while your infrastructure crumbles.

Why should your mind, thoughts and feelings be any different? They aren’t.

Junk in, junk out.

Be mindful of your mind. Be aware of what you’re feeding into your attention. Don’t like something? Turn it off! Want to feel better? Start pumping more positive vibes into your awareness. Do it over and over, from here on out. And watch what happens.

Or .. blame and criticize and complain if you need to hold on to that. Just don’t expect to feel better.


About No Schedule Man

Sharing thoughts and ideas on hope, creativity, accountability and positive action, Kevin is a Songwriter, Speaker/MC, Writer, former Broadcaster and Business Owner. The only thing on his bucket list is to help you with yours.

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