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How To Improve Your State of Mind

In a word full of noise, have you ever stopped to wonder how to improve your state of mind?

Think of it this way: If you constantly feed your body with junk, it will reward you by feeling sluggish and sickly. Your problems pile up while your infrastructure crumbles.

Why should your mind, thoughts and feelings be any different? They aren’t.

Junk in, junk out.

Be mindful of your mind. Be aware of what you’re feeding into your attention. Don’t like something? Turn it off! Want to feel better? Start pumping more positive vibes into your awareness. Do it over and over, from here on out. And watch what happens.

Or .. blame and criticize and complain if you need to hold on to that. Just don’t expect to feel better.


Communicating? Careful …

For some reason, we grow up thinking effective communication should be easy. Is it?

We’re told listening is twice as important as talking because we have two ears and only one mouth. While that may be true, who’s teaching how to listen effectively?

Too often we hear or see our own memories or expectations instead of the real message and intention of the other person. And when you consider that the other person / party may also be unknowingly in the same trap …

Take care with communication. You may not be hearing the voice you think you are

12-13-15 - Aching to try

Time and Place for Dreaming

You can be certain that, like it or not, you will be making sizeable contributions to your employer, your bank and your government as you go, trading time, toil and income toward their pursuits.

What are you investing in yourself?

Stop and sit sometimes. Consider whose dream you’re really trading your life for.

09-21-15 - Time and place for dreaming

We Were Not Born Cynical

It’s ironic how, later in life, so many of us work so very hard, spend thousands of dollars and countless hours just to try to learn how to get back to the way we used to be … before we started trying to “become” and have what we thought we should.

09-21-15 - Pray not irreversibel

Step Out of the Dark

In considering who or what to follow, or whether to step up and take the lead, ask yourself: What’s the truth behind how you found or followed your way into any darkness in the first place? How has that served you? What needs to change?

Your path = your choice.

09-21-15 - Light leads the way


If Only We’d Allow It

Somewhere along the way in our “development,” we seem to acquire some sort of emotional governing switch that monitors for and snatches away daydreams in order to force our feelings immediately back to some sort of “pragmatic” view. And then it’s back to following  “the script” we go, marching in line, trading time for task, trying to be just like all the others who, ironically, are liking suffering from the same thing but either don’t know it or aren’t saying so.

But what if … just what if … you stayed with those dreams just long enough to let the thought form into some sort of action step to begin making it real? And then … what if … we’d actually take that first step?

What a world we’ve created, where following dreams so often feels  unnatural. But what if … the next time the dream comes along … what if we’d allow it?

09-21-15 - Eagle's Wings

Look Around …

Pause and look around with gratitude. Happiness isn’t found by following some script of constantly chasing and acquiring. It’s enjoyed through decision, available to you at any moment. It’s so impossibly simple we keep convincing ourselves it cannot be so.

03-08-15 - Happy ever after all around

A Message For Your Mirror?

Want life to change? Expect better results? Hope to feel healthier? No sense beating yourself up. But a dose of honest self-awareness won’t hurt.

Stop pointing fingers and start digging in.

03-08-15 - Drag Your heels

Consider Choosing Hope

Some of us were a lot more tenacious as children. We’d dream up something that we wanted, or aspired to be, and then, largely driven by our imaginations, we’d go after it. We didn’t pay nearly as much attention to perceived initial obstacles. We just knew what we wanted and would start moving forward.

Along the way, we seem to acquire the ability of doubting ourselves even before we start. We learn to think, “this will never work because,” or “responsible people don’t do that because” or any number of excuses that paralyze us into inaction. But those are just someone else’s ideas that we’ve accepted and agreed to along the way.

What do you really want? And when you think of it, honestly, what’s the first thought that pops into your mind as to whether or not it’s possible? Is it a solution, a new path, or an obstacle and another excuse not to try?

What would the child-like version of you have done with the idea? Give it some thought, at least for a little while …

03-08-15 - Choose a hope



Follow the Light

The analogies are endless, like driving through the darkness: with your headlights on, you can only see the next little bit in front of you, but that’s enough to allow you to keep moving forward.

Wherever even the smallest of shadows are cast, there must be light somewhere. If you can see it, it can see you.

Keep going. The waves will calm eventually.

02-27-15 - Lighthouse

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