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Health, Wealth or Relationships?

Ultimately, we aspire to all three. But for the moment, I’m interested to know what your raw gut first reaction is if I were to say that, for this holiday season, you could be immediately granted just one of these three choices. Which would you choose at this moment in your life?

And please feel welcome to say why in the comments section or on our Facebook page.


Poll: How Much Does the Weather Affect Your Spending Habits?

Here in Ontario, Canada, over the last many weeks, we’ve been getting a pretty steady dose of “Extreme Cold” weather alerts, colder-than-average temperatures, and snow.

Lots of snow.

snow-storm-596351_1280The situation is the same in many parts of the Northeast United States, where cities like Boston have, reportedly, had enough of the white stuff to last few winters.

People are quick to crank and moan about the weather. And many business people I’ve encountered find weather an quick excuse for when things slow down. My question this month is, Does the weather really affect what you do and how you spend your money?

Please let me know what you think by casting a vote in this poll and/or leaving a comment in the space below, or on my Twitter or Facebook. Thanks!


Poll: Does Facebook Still Matter To You?

Facebook questionI’ve been learning and exploring the opportunities behind various kinds of social media, particularly as it relates to businesses, artists and the like. The one I’m least sure of these days is … Facebook. So I’m curious about your thoughts on how, if at all, Facebook still fits into your life. Please vote and/or comment below, or on my Twitter or (ahem) Facebook page, and I’ll share the results soon.


Thanks for your feedback!

– KB

Poll: Deja Vu or Bilge Rat Blues?

I’d love your feedback, please.

The new EP, released in February 2014

The new EP, released in February 2014

For months, I’ve been thinking of creating some sort of music video for the songs “Deja Vu” or “Bilge Rat Blues” from this year’s “Solo: The Return of No Schedule Man” EP. Though either one would be very much homemade,  I think it would be a lot of fun to work on, particularly if I could get my kids involved.

My question is, Which one to try first? (Note: you can listen to the tracks, below)

Thanks for voting!

Haven’t heard the tracks? Here they are.

Deja Vu:

Bilge Rat Blues:

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