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Treating Symptom vs Cause

We keep treating symptoms instead of causes. Money won’t change much if you don’t really know who you are and if you haven’t done the work to figure that out.

Money isn’t bad, by any stretch. Quite to the contrary, it can do a lot of good, flowing through the right hands. However, if the almighty dollar is your sole life or business motivation or only conceived solution for prettying your current reality, you are building a house of cards with no foundation. Tick tock.

02-18-15 - Money Draws a crowd

Lyric Slide: “We Keep Chasing After What Isn’t True”

This lyric is from a song called “Crusoe,” written in the early part of the 2000’s. I never got stranded on a deserted island like Daniel Defoe’s character did, but I would go on to experience just about everything major in my life changing all at once. And it’s amazing how your priorities and views of what’s truly valuable and worth pursuing change at a time like that.

There’s another line in that song that asks, “Well, maybe it’s the wanting that sustains you?” I’ve always liked to think about that line, too. I figure I’ll put “Crusoe” on my list of tracks to share in my Song Blog at some point in 2016.

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12-13-15 - What isn't tru

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