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If Only We’d Allow It

Somewhere along the way in our “development,” we seem to acquire some sort of emotional governing switch that monitors for and snatches away daydreams in order to force our feelings immediately back to some sort of “pragmatic” view. And then it’s back to following  “the script” we go, marching in line, trading time for task, trying to be just like all the others who, ironically, are liking suffering from the same thing but either don’t know it or aren’t saying so.

But what if … just what if … you stayed with those dreams just long enough to let the thought form into some sort of action step to begin making it real? And then … what if … we’d actually take that first step?

What a world we’ve created, where following dreams so often feels  unnatural. But what if … the next time the dream comes along … what if we’d allow it?

09-21-15 - Eagle's Wings

You Can Do Anything That Your Mind Can See …

When you allow yourself those moments to wonder, “what if” and “if only” without restraint, what is it that you see in your mind and heart?

Walt Disney once said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” He was right, but it takes courage to sometimes go against the conventional thought of what we think we should be doing in order to honour what may truly feed our spirit.

Whatever 2016 brings, I hope it takes you at least a step or two closer to your real essence, an encompassing sense of fulfillment and the peace of grateful presence that only comes from being exactly who and where you need to be.

This is from a song called “Endless Sky:”

01-31-15 - Heart can dream

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Happy New Year!

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