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Heading “Home” for a Performance at WAMBO in Wallaceburg, ON on Saturday, August 8th

In 2007, I recorded and released my first CD, a little three-song effort titled “I Remember.” The songs were all done in honour of the place where my parents grew up, a town called Wallaceburg, Ontario. And in particular, the CD release was meant to be a bit of a campaign to support an event called “WAMBO” (Wallaceburg Antique Motor and Boat Outing) because of how much it meant to my grandfather, Murray Newkirk.

I Remember CD Cover

On Saturday, August 8th, I’ll be back in Wallaceburg to do a performance and support the event – and the town –as best I can. It will be my first appearance there since 2008. I intend to do what I can to honour and celebrate the memory of my Grandpa Newk and two other late, great Wallaceburg citizens and friends, Chip Gordon and Al Mann.


With WAMBO Chairperson, Chip Gordon at the Wallaceburg & District Museum in 2007

WAMBO, now in its 27th year, is a wonderful weekend celebration that brings its town back to its heyday of casual Sydenham River traffic, wooden boats, cool cars, music, sunshine, family time and smiles all around. It almost feels like the 1950’s version of Hill Valley in the film “Back to the Future.” Seeing the town so alive as it becomes on WAMBO weekend does almost feel like you’ve gone back in time.


With Al Mann and Delina Bogaert from Wallaceburg Museum in 2007.

I have vivid memories of visiting Grandma and Grandpa for WAMBO. I treasured seeing my grandfather like a kid in a candy store, so proud and excited at all activity. He would marvel at the scores of Chris Craft wooden boats that used to be made not far away, in Algonac, Michigan.


With my Grandpa Newk at the Wallaceburg Museum’s Glass Gallery Exhibit grand opening in 2007.

Somewhere along the line, I wrote a song about it, and then let it sit around for many years, collecting dust. Then, after a career change in early 2007, I worked up the courage to call long time WAMBO chairperson, Chip Gordon, and asked if he’d be interested in having a kind of “theme song” for the event. He immediately asked me to come visit him at the Wallaceburg and District Museum to hear the song. He also asked town historian, Al Mann, to be at that meeting, which took place on a cold, icy day in February of that year.

I met Chip and Al at the museum and played them my “WAMBO song” (which eventually became titled “Wallaceburg”). By that time, I’d written a second song referencing my family’s history in the town, a song called “I Remember.” So I played that song for them, too, and they liked it also. It was then that Chip suggested that two songs were better than one, but that three songs would be even better! So, I responded by writing a third tune for the project, a song called “Glass” which references the old glass factory that was the engine of Wallaceburg’s economy for so many years and uses it as a bit of a metaphor for the honour in simply taking care of your responsibilities and working your way through life as best you can. “Glass” remains one of my favourite lyrics I’ve ever written.

Recording "I Remember" with my pal Dave Cook at KG Records in London in June, 2007.

Recording “I Remember” with my pal Dave Cook at KG Records in London in June, 2007.

Al kindly dug into his historical archives to provide me with photos to use for the project. Chip set me up to perform on both the Friday night and the Saturday of WAMBO that year. He even asked me to come and sit as part of the WAMBO planning committee, and I proudly attended a number of those meetings for a time.

My grandpa, Chip and Al have all since passed on, but the event remains. I got to know the current Chair of WAMBO, Bill Wolsing, during that time 8 years ago. And it was Bill who has made it possible for me to come back. He is doing an enormous amount of work to preserve the event and I am entirely grateful that he’d bother to have me back.

With current WAMBO Chair, Bill Wolsing, in 2008

With current WAMBO Chair, Bill Wolsing, in 2008

Life moves along pretty quickly. Looking back, I am really glad I took on that project. I am certain it meant a lot to my grandfather, especially considering he was in the latter stages of his life. And in the process of doing something that, at the time, was important to both of us, I met and became friends with all kinds of wonderful people. I am genuinely excited about going back to visit and see as many of them as I can.

So if you’re in the Chatham/Kent area on Saturday, August 8th, please think about stopping in to WAMBO for a visit. I’ll be somewhere downtown in the early afternoon, sharing those songs from “I Remember,” as well as a few from my other two CDs and some other favourites that go along with sitting by the river on a summer day.

Performing with Dave Cook on the opening night of WAMBO in 2007

Performing with Dave Cook on the opening night of WAMBO in 2007

Also, I’ll have all 3 of my CDs (“I Remember,” “No Schedule Man” and “Solo: The Return of No Schedule Man”). I will donate every single cent of any sales at WAMBO back to the event, in honour of my Grandpa Newk, Chip Gordon and Al Mann, three wonderful souls who loved the town completely and will never be forgotten.

“Home sweet home.
I remember.
I remember.”

Hope to see you there.

No Schedule Man Store – Now Open!

The No Schedule Man Store is now open for business! You can get to it directly by clicking here, or by selecting the “Shop” page on this website’s main menu bar.

Though each of Kevin’s CDs have been available for some time through online retailers around the world (e.g., iTunes, CD Baby, etc), it’s been years since the rest of Kevin’s “No Schedule Man” and “Hope Over Hurt” merchandise has been made available online.

Among the merchandise now available for purchase are some “No Schedule Man – No Plan Is All Part of the Plan” and “Hope Over Hurt” lyric t-shirts. Only a handle of each shirt remain from the original “No Schedule Man” CD launch in 2010.

Also now available in the store are “No Schedule Man” and “Hope Over Hurt” ball caps and “From the Desk of … No Schedule Man” notepads.

Hard copies of all three of Kevin’s CDs (“Solo: the Return of No Schedule Man,” “No Schedule Man,” and “I Remember”) are in the store as well. Currently, this is the only place to get a hard copy of the “Solo” CD, other than at a concert or other performance by Kevin.

CD Cover JPG_High Res
As an added bonus, all orders will receive a FREE one-size black band bracelet inscribed with the words “Hope Over Hurt, Soul Over Skin” along with the Kevin Bulmer Enterprises footprint/music note logo.

Shop quick before the t-shirts are all gone, and please share with your friends. Thanks!



Asking me to hang around a music store is like inviting a sugar addict to make himself comfortable at Willy Wonka’s factory. Luckily, when I was at Grooves Records in London the other day, I was immediately put to work amidst a tight schedule that did not permit me to linger after the work was done, so what little is left in my wallet is still intact.

But I sure enjoyed being there.

Grooves Records is an old-style music shop in London, Ontario. They have actual records (I mean LPs – vinyl). They also offer their customers a wonderfully diverse mix of musical choices that you won’t find many other places anymore. From international superstars to local independent artists like me, they’re all there. All styles and tastes are represented. Used, new, hot, obscure: all are welcome.

Though I am a lover of all kinds of music, even I have fallen prey to the convenience of the iPod era. I still buy CDs from the artists that mean the most to me, but before I arrived at Grooves last Saturday, I didn’t realize that I’d lost touch with the simple pleasure of browsing through stacks and stacks of different kinds of music. It was a treat to watch people do just that while I sat a happily sang some songs for them. There is a wonderful sense of community and friendship in an environment like that. I pray we don’t lose touch with that.

With Troy at Grooves Records.

With Troy at Grooves Records.

Prior to Saturday, I’ve not had my guitar out in a while. I was pleased to find that I felt right at home doing some songs at Grooves Records. I played 18 songs, with a mix of material from my “No Schedule Man” and “I Remember” CDs, some of my favourite cover songs to play and even a few that have not yet been released (though I’m working on correcting that). Those who listened seemed appreciative and for that I’m grateful.

Many thanks to Troy, Andy and the good people at Grooves Records for a fun couple of hours. Good folks, all. If you like music, go visit them at 353 Clarence Street in London. I, for one, will be going back.

And I’ll bring my credit card.

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