20130910_183904Media marketing pro, MC/Speaker, Songwriter and Writer … you’ve probably not yet met someone exactly like Kevin. Though you’ll find him happily working to represent his wide variety of clients through Bell Media Radio through the weekdays, you may also see Kevin at a number of area events as an MC, speaker or performer or even hear him and his many guests in the No Schedule Man Podcast.

Working to inspire Hope, Creativity, Accountability and Positive Action, Kevin believes we all can make a difference by doing the best we can each and every day, by treating others with kindness, empathy and respect, and by constantly working to become our best version of ourselves.

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How To Improve Your State of Mind

In a word full of noise, have you ever stopped to wonder how to improve your state of mind?

Think of it this way: If you constantly feed your body with junk, it will reward you by feeling sluggish and sickly. Your problems pile up while your infrastructure crumbles.

Why should your mind, thoughts and feelings be any different? They aren’t.

Junk in, junk out.

Be mindful of your mind. Be aware of what you’re feeding into your attention. Don’t like something? Turn it off! Want to feel better? Start pumping more positive vibes into your awareness. Do it over and over, from here on out. And watch what happens.

Or .. blame and criticize and complain if you need to hold on to that. Just don’t expect to feel better.


David Ciccarelli of Voices.com – NSM Podcast, Ep. 10

Kevin chats with David Ciccarelli, the CEO and Founder of Voices.com, an industry-leading website that connects business with professional voice talent. Voices.com is used by radio and television stations, advertising agencies and a wide Variety of Fortune 500 companies, who rely on David and his team to be able to help them search for, audition and hire voice talent.


In this conversation, you’re going to hear how that all started, where the ideas came from, how David & his wife Stephanie acted upon those ideas and have evolved into where they are today.

Some lessons and takeaways to listen for in this discussion:

  1. Keep moving forward and taking action
  2. Be creative and resourceful
  3. Make decisions!

If you have any kind of entrepreneurial aspirations at all, you’ll find great value in hearing what David has to say. Enjoy!

The podcast is now available for streaming, download and subscription on iTunes, as well as on our YouTube channel or SoundCloud page.

Special thanks to Allstage for their support of the No Schedule Man podcast!

Communicating? Careful …

For some reason, we grow up thinking effective communication should be easy. Is it?

We’re told listening is twice as important as talking because we have two ears and only one mouth. While that may be true, who’s teaching how to listen effectively?

Too often we hear or see our own memories or expectations instead of the real message and intention of the other person. And when you consider that the other person / party may also be unknowingly in the same trap …

Take care with communication. You may not be hearing the voice you think you are

12-13-15 - Aching to try

*NEW* Song: “Over & Over (It Doesn’t Have to Be That Way)” – Song Blog

Finally fed up with waiting for the “perfect time,” I’ve decided to jump back in and start sharing some of my book of songs as best I can. First up: “Over & Over.”

The lyrics in this song (copied below) are some of my favourites from anything I’ve ever written. They came pouring out of me, all at once, on a Sunday morning in August of 2015.

At the time, I had a lot of turmoil going on in my life, but for the first time in many years I had just returned to my family’s original hometown the day before, to take part in an annual event where I performed many of my songs. I went alone, and enjoyed the drive there and back, and the experience of the event itself. I felt completely at peace with my own company, perfectly content to meet and visit with all kinds of people – some I knew, most I didn’t – as they came along. It was one of those kinds of days that plays like a movie in your mind while it’s actually happening.

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Something clicked in me that day, as if I knew I’d finally arrived at a point where I was comfortable inside my own skin, no matter what was going on around me, I could trust myself to be true to who I really was, go my own path  make my own choices and hold on to that no matter how stiff the challenge might be. Perhaps that sounds simple and obvious, however my observations are that many (most?) people are just doing what they’re doing because they see so many else people doing the same thing. And often, what those people are doing is whining and griping about their lot in life while they do absolutely nothing constructive to change it. Victims.

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Looking back on it, I really appreciate what this song seems to be saying on my behalf. It’s probably not an accident that it reflects so much of what I believe very deeply, including a reference to Einstein’s definition of insanity: continuing to do the same thing and expecting a different result.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Song Blog, Vol 2: “Over & Over (It Doesn’t Have to Be That Way)”
(c) 2015 Kevin Bulmer Enterprises
Written by Kevin Bulmer (SOCAN)


When the tide begins to turn
It’s only natural
One can resist
Or even brace against the flow

There is no favour when it comes
To meeting gravity
The push and pull, the light and dark
We need them both

Holding your ground
Defending ego, chasing average
Clench and compare
With every other tired cliché

But there remains the thread
Of heaven’s possibility
Follow the light, however faint
And it won’t fade

Over and over
We think that we’re sober
But we keep trying to kill the pain
Deflecting, expecting
The results keep infecting
Insanity’s calling again
A tragically comic refrain
It doesn’t have to be that way …

There is no easy explanation
Of the obvious
Or why the simplest things elude
In every way
Relentlessly chasing what’s sitting right in front of us
To become carbon-copy popular cult slaves

Over and over
We think that we’re sober
But we keep trying to kill the pain
Deflecting, expecting
The results keep infecting
Insanity’s calling again
A tragically comic refrain
It doesn’t have to be that way …

Out go the lights
When the truth shines too bright
So the fault is assigned out of fear
But the face on the wall
In the mirror, tells all
It’s the only consistent thing here
And it always follows everywhere …

Over and over
We think that we’re sober
But we keep trying to kill the pain
Deflecting, expecting
The results keep infecting
Insanity’s calling again …

Over and over
We think that we’re sober
But we keep trying to kill the pain
Deflecting, expecting
The results keep infecting
Insanity’s calling again
A tragically comic refrain
It doesn’t have to be that way …


To visit the “Song Blog” page, please click HERE.

Time and Place for Dreaming

You can be certain that, like it or not, you will be making sizeable contributions to your employer, your bank and your government as you go, trading time, toil and income toward their pursuits.

What are you investing in yourself?

Stop and sit sometimes. Consider whose dream you’re really trading your life for.

09-21-15 - Time and place for dreaming

No Schedule Man Podcast: Episode 9 – Mike McCurlie (MJM Media)

Kevin talks with Mike McCurlie of MJM Media, a marketing company that has created thousands of audio and video commercial productions for some of Canada’s best businesses over more than 35 years. A lifelong musician, Mike’s stories and experiences are certainly unique and interesting.

2016-05-26 21.30.01
In this conversation, Mike covers everything from his love of music to the formation and history (and a bit about the future) of MJM Media and everything in between, including an extraordinary (but true) tale of how he spent part of his life living in a treehouse!

Mike also gives some terrific insights on marketing, why using music effectively makes a message so memorable, and how marketing has changed over the years. The tidbits he provides should prove valuable to any business looking to get their message across and stand out in today’s market.

To access Mike’s Blog or to see any of the videos or other content referenced in the discussion, the best place to start would be to go directly to the the MJM Media page. All their social channels are clearly linked from there.


The podcast is now available for streaming, download and subscription on iTunes, as well as on our YouTube channel or SoundCloud page.

Special thanks to Allstage for their support of the No Schedule Man podcast!

We Were Not Born Cynical

It’s ironic how, later in life, so many of us work so very hard, spend thousands of dollars and countless hours just to try to learn how to get back to the way we used to be … before we started trying to “become” and have what we thought we should.

09-21-15 - Pray not irreversibel

The Other Side of Assumption

I caught myself on the wrong side of assumption again the other day. I’m glad I did. Some lessons, you just keep learning over and over until you’re ready to move on. Apparently I’m still stuck on this one.

Intellectually and spiritually, I’m quite sure that what I want to is to see the best of any person or situation I come across; to see parts of myself reflected in them, and to lead with immediate thoughts of care and compassion. And, more often than ever before, that’s what’s been happening.

But I still encounter instances when the first impression that pops into my mind is negative. I don’t want to be like that. At least I will now catch myself doing it, maybe give myself a minor scolding and then move on again, but it’s my hope that my compassionate, positive side will one day become completely automatic.

I don’t trust the “default” of assumption anymore, even though I still fall prey to it at times.

Like the other day, for instance.

I was at my gym, having just enjoyed a nice bit of exercise. As I was getting dressed back into my work clothes afterward, there was another fellow a few lockers down who was silently getting set to do the same. I noticed he was likely younger than me, that he had a cane, a noticeable gut and that he’d been in the pool, as he still had his swim trunks on.

Right away, before I could even catch myself, I passed some judgement on this guy and made some immediate assumptions. I’m not proud of it. I’m just being honest.

I thought, “Hmm. A few too many beers, I bet.”

Then I thought, “I wonder what the cane is for? I bet his back hurts.” I thought this because it was only about 6 years ago that I, too, could only get around with the help of a cane, thanks to herniated discs in my back and wicked sciatic pain down my left leg. The only thing my physiotherapist allowed me to do for a while was stand in the pool and wave my arms against the water. I was told that would force my core muscles to wake up.

Since I’d seen this fellow had been in the pool, I assumed he had a sore back.

What I’ve just described took, perhaps, only a couple of seconds. And then I caught myself and immediately felt ashamed at what I was doing. The “default” had kicked in first.

I still have work to do.

But I’ve come far enough to be aware of it. I don’t want to feel separate from anyone anymore. So just as soon as I realized what I was doing, I told myself to say something to this guy – just start talking to him. I had to tell myself that several times before I finally heard my own voice ask, “What is it that’s got you hobbled?”

He looked over at me and said, “I broke my legs.”

I asked, “Legs? Plural? You broke both of them?”

“Yep,” he said. “Seven years ago.”

My assumptions about this fellow, just as most assumptions tend to be, had been way, way off.


He went on to tell me that his injuries were the result of a motorcycle accident all those years ago. I asked if he’d be able to continue to rehab and hope for more mobility. He said, “Maybe. By now, I just try to do what I can do.”

So, here was a guy who will likely never walk without a cane again. And that extra weight I mentioned? Well, it’d be hard to stay slim if you couldn’t really be mobile. And if it were me, I’d be likely to enjoy whatever food or drink brought me any kind of pleasure if I were in constant pain otherwise.

But here I am assuming again.

Then he told me about the symptoms of the head trauma he suffered that were just now beginning to surface. We’re hearing a lot about this kind of thing these days, mostly related to concussions in professional athletes (particularly football players). He told me that within the last couple of years, his cognitive ability was failing from time-to-time and that he was encountering memory loss and other symptoms from the accident that happened seven years ago.

Within an instant, I admired this fellow, who introduced himself to me as Steve, for the willingness to even come to the gym and do what he could for himself. When he spoke to me, he didn’t sound like he was complaining at all. He was very matter-of-fact about everything. And not knowing what lies ahead (who among us really does?), he said he just does what he can for himself today.

I left that conversation with Steve affected quite profoundly. Here I had started by assuming things that turned out not to be true at all, and put myself in a position of somehow being separate from Steve by assuming or judging in the first place. But then I caught myself and forced a potential correction by daring to invite a conversation. Once my ignorance had been revealed, I went away from it feeling compassion for Steve, admiration for his spirit, and a resolve not to believe my assumptions anymore. Or better yet, to continue to work to program myself to not have it occur to me to make those assumptions at all. I don’t know if that’s realistic, but it’s what I’ll strive for.

So if you’re like me, and want to feel more connected and less withdrawn, try this: next time you catch yourself making an assumption, reverse it and assume you don’t know, and then ask. Speaking up will help create the connection and you’ll be amazed at what you learn, and how often your assumptions are wrong.

We think we know. We don’t.  But the real connection in living is in admitting it, opening up your mind and heart and going about the business of finding out.

Step Out of the Dark

In considering who or what to follow, or whether to step up and take the lead, ask yourself: What’s the truth behind how you found or followed your way into any darkness in the first place? How has that served you? What needs to change?

Your path = your choice.

09-21-15 - Light leads the way


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